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Home Buyers Get Pre-Approved

Get Pre-Approved

As a prospective purchaser, it makes sense to start the financing process now. Why?

1. So the loan officer can review your information and determine the best financing program for you. We need this information so we know how to prepare the offer for you.

2. Many Sellers today want a pre-qualification letter submitted with the offer.

3.We don’t want to be the bad guys. If You think you can buy a home at $xxxxxxx price and we show you homes at $xxxxxxx price THEN you find out you can’t afford to buy it ,we will be at fault for letting you in the home to start with when WE didn’t know if you were actually qualified to buy it.

Should you decide that you wish to take advantage of Pre-Approval, simply complete the form and we will have a lender contact you.

This information is to be used in an effort to secure financing options for a home and/or property purchase. By submitting this information, I hereby authorize TPS, their affiliates, assigns and/or any credit reporting bureau which it may designate; permission to obtain any and all information concerning my/our employment, checking and/or savings accounts, obligations, and all other credit matters, including a credit report.I hereby give my consent to have my credit report secured from any credit reporting agency which you designate.